Saturday, May 17, 2008

Missing Market Found!

Thank you to Rebekah Denn, P-I food writer, for her lovely entry on the opening day of the Phinney Farmers Market. You can read it here.

While I'm at it ... thanks to our friends at My Ballard for this item a couple of days ago.

Meanwhile, I finally found the listing of the Phinney Farmers Market the Times says they've added in lieu of the fact that they did not include us in their Summer Guide. The hard copies of the Summer Guide will forever lack our Farmers Market but the Times has, indeed, made sure we are in their list of "Today's Events." We are number 110 on a list of 162 for the date of the next Market, Friday, May 23.  Now, you may think that's a mighty long list to scroll through and you'd be right. I suppose you could just search the Times' web site for Phinney Farmers Market, but then of course, you'd need to know it exists in the first place. All in all, I suppose being 110th is better than nothing. Could be worse.... could be raining.

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