Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hello! I'm another contributor!

I remember attending a training seminar (sponsored by the Washington Service Corps) in Yakima about the very broad concept of "communication". I remember our instructor telling all of us:

"Say, 'Hello, my name is [insert name here] and I am a contribution!'"

It's funny that I remember that mantra because I'm doing exactly that--being a this blog, that is.

My name is Rex Dulay and I'm the PNA's AmeriCorps Volunteer, serving as their Assistant Education Coordinator. As a part of the Education Program, my tasks include creating community education classes with a focus on computer/internet literacy, running the two Community Technology Centers (CTC) under the PNA, recruiting volunteers for said CTC, and be of assistance in the daily operations here at the Phinney Center.

I love what I do :)

I'll be posting news items and what not from time to time, helping my coworker and friend Stu with this blog. If you're reading this, please spread the word to your friends about this blog!

Please take care


Vive ut vivas*
*"live so that you may live"

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