Saturday, September 14, 2013

PNA Becomes a Partner in Community Capital: Seattle

We’re pleased to announce that Phinney Neighborhood Association is now a Community Partner in the upcoming Community Capital: Seattle workshop series.  Hosted by Seattle Good Business Network (SGBN), this innovative series is designed to spark dialog on the emerging field of community capital and local investment.  

As SGBN points out, “Seattlelites hold about $70 billion in long-term savings but almost none of it is invested in the locally-owned businesses that make up nearly half of our economy. The positive economic, community, and environmental impacts of shifting even a small percentage of that investment into our local economy would be enormous.”

Covering CSAs, crowdfunding, coops, direct public stock offerings and more, the Community Capital series will kick off on September 25th with an all-day workshop by Michael Shuman, acclaimed author of Local Dollars, Local Sense.  Workshops will then be held monthly throughout the fall, winter, and into next spring at HUB Seattle in Pioneer Square.  All PNA members can receive a 15% discount with the discount code GOODBUDDY.