Monday, October 20, 2008

The Neighborhood is Going to the Dogs

About a year ago I discovered that I could tell exactly where the mail carrier was by the sound of the dog barking. Later, when everyone on the block got together for the annual National Night Out Block Party, dogs seemed to be everywhere, even throwing themselves out of windows apparently to join the fun! Lately I've noticed a growing number of neighbors out walking, not just one dog, but two! So when did my block go to the dogs and why? Can you explain it? Do you have a dog? Did you just get another one? Aren’t they just the cutest little puppies EVER? (Full disclosure: I prefer cats and share my home with one.)
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  1. Not all dogs are bad dogs. This from today's Seattle Times:

    Should it be illegal to keep dogs chained?

    "It's dogs like Gus -- and their potential victims -- the Metropolitan King County Council had in mind when it took the first step Monday toward a possible prohibition on chaining dogs or holding them in small enclosures for long periods.

    Gus, a 4-year-old German shepherd mix who was chained to his doghouse every day, was euthanized in 2005 after two attacks on people."