Friday, October 17, 2008

Greenwood/Phinney… what’s the dif??

Lately I’ve noticed a number of people, for whatever reason, pointing out what they consider to be the differences between the Greenwood & Phinney neighborhoods.

I live in what is considered Greenwood and work in Phinney (full disclosure: I am the Marketing Director of the PNA) and I don’t get it. I mean, sure there are differences, just like there are between you & me, dogs & cats, us & them, Earth & Mars, etc. but why belabor it? Isn’t their enough divisiveness in the world today?

So I ask you, is it worth it to point out the differences between Greenwood & Phinney… and, if so, what are those differences??

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  1. if you are selling your house, phinney = higher listing price ;)

    i am never sure where the dividing line is between greenwood & phinney. some say 85th, 80th or 75th... i have grown accustomed to saying i live in the phinney/greenwood neighborhood.

  2. The difference is in the minds of residents. I challenge you to name exactly where one stops and the other starts!

  3. To some people, the neighborhood dividing line is at the bend in the road, where Greenwood Ave turns into Phinney Ave. Makes sense, right? But according to Wikipedia, the dividing line is at 80th St. Go figure. I live between those two imaginary boundaries, an area commonly referred to as Grinney. So there's actually three neighborhoods you're talking about: Greenwood to the north, Grinney in the middle, and Phinney to the south.

  4. We also say we live on "Phinney Flats" or Phinwood. I have been in the neighborhood for over 10 years and I have always thought that 80th was the dividing line to the north, 8th Ave NW the dividing line to the west, Aurora to the east and 50th to the south. These are just rough approximations on my part.
    Regardless of boundaries, our neighborhood is a dynamic and vibrant community and I am glad to be a resident.
    BTW Any idea of what is happening north of 85th on Greenwood Ave? Since the McDonald's closed and the new brew pub is no longer opening it seems like urban blight is setting in.