Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just wondering…

Have you noticed that when you type PNA into a famous web search engine the Phinney Neighborhood Association comes up fifth? A few months ago we were further down the list. I wonder what it would take to get us to the top of the list.

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  1. Just a start...

    Promotion Promotion Promotion.

    -On the web and in local businesses.

    -Newsletter campaign. This can be for anyone, not just members of PNA. Collected data via click-throughs from this can help measure and mold the campaign to be more effective over time, to increase membership, and traffic to the site. With that comes more people linking to the site, thus pushing the site's relevance in searches.

    On the more technical side:

    -Use semantic markup (xhtml) on the whole site/test accessibility in screen readers & text browsers.

    -Convert remaining tables in the site (Navigation, Footer and elsewhere) in layout to CSS layout.

    -Contextual meta-tags (description and keywords) on a per page/section basis. Right now they are the same on each page. Tailor them to the content of each page, so search engines see more difference in the pages, and search queries will yield more focused results.

    -Tag all images & media with meaningful text

    -Try Google Analytics