Monday, July 28, 2008

Do the entering in the VIDEO CONTESTS!

I know there are a lot of aspiring filmmakers in this neighborhood! You can't lie. You can't hide. SHOW US YOUR TALENTS!

Anyway, Mystery Week (a series of fun fundraising events and activities that benefit the Greenwood Senior Center) and the Gumshoe Walk is coming very soon (August 8th-17th). What is it exactly? Well you should mosey on to:

and you'll find out all the amazing and mysterious activities that will be happening that week.

Anyway, for Mystery Week/Gumshoe, there's a video contest: simply answer the question "What's So Mysterious About Phinney/Greenwood" in a 4o to 45 second video and you can win a wonderful $149.95 cash prize, sponsored by the fabulous folks at Red Mill (who were to cheap to add in 5 cents, bleh. hahahah).

(I could sure use a double bacon deluxe right now)

Anyway, to get a clearer sense of what this questions means, i suggest you take a gander at this hilarious promo video (thanks Mike Veitenhans!) we posted on youtube:

so, all you wonderful Phinney Ridge Filmmakers, please submit your video answers for this contest! For more info, please let us know!

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