Saturday, August 9, 2008


Although I've been a correspondent for the PNA blog for a while, I've been waiting until now for something truly important to write about. I've been living in the Phinney neighborhood for all of my eighteen years of life and I feel that its time some of us rethink our transportation and how we go about our daily lives.

For a middleclass neighborhood filled with energy and earth conservation minded residents, I find it appalling that I can walk down the street and see the parking lots of Ken's Market and Red Mill Burgers filled with cars, while not seeing a single bicycle locked to a bike rack. Sure, It’s easier to throw the groceries into the back of your brand new minivan- but is it really necessary? How much effort would it take you to break out your old bike, run down to Gregg's Cycle and buy a front and rear grocery rack? I guarantee it will not only be cheaper than your next seventy-dollar fill up, but it will also have a positive effect on not only our planet, but also your very own neighborhood.

I'm not advocating the complete annihilation of all cars- yes I drive, and I rather enjoy driving, but I also bicycle, or walk, or take a bus. I would just like to ask that the next time you’re out buying organic groceries or supporting some "green" organization, that you think about the options you have yourself to make this world a better and cleaner place.

I hope that Phinney residents will soon realize that you can be cooler on your retro ride from Recycled Cycles, then you ever could in your BMW X5 and will take to the streets. Caring about the environment doesn’t have to be about spending extra money or buying into product labeling. Alternative transportation wont always get the job done, but let's start to realize that it will work for many of us.

Some links to help you get started:
Gregg's Cycle
Recycled Cycles
Cascade Bike Club


  1. yes! you are so right. i feel guilty every time i drive, we have to realize that a "green" bumper sticker doesn't help anyone. next time leave your car at home and ride your bike people!

  2. I've actually been quite pleased at how many bikes I see around the Phinney/Ballard/Green Lake neighborhoods, and -- in fact -- it's one of the reasons our family chose to live here: it's a very bikeable community (even though dragging one's self up Phinney can sometimes be tiring). I see a fair number of bikes in the neighborhood, at the grocery stores, etc., and encourage everyone to keep it up. That said, I agree with the author that the more of us that choose to commute via bicycle (or on foot) instead of riding alone in our automobiles, the better! Cycling has tremendous benefits across the board. Ride safely and have fun!

  3. I should stipulate I don't live in Phinney Ridge...but I do volunteer for the PNA. Anyways, I don't own a car! I always come up that ways by bus, and when I walk around on photo assignments.

    I have found, being downtown, and surrounding areas, it is much easier than one would think to get around, without my own vehicle.

    It keeps me in shape and is cheaper!(especially with the cost of gas lately!)

    I think this blog is a great reminder about thinking before doing. So kudos. This type of thing is one of the reasons I volunteer for the PNA in the first place.