Monday, July 7, 2008

Torn From Today's Headlines!

... and yesterday's... and last week's.

Seattle Times - Monday, July 7, 2008
At Green Lake, latest word in poetry is ... umbrellas
For those who missed the Green Lake Poetess after her yearlong hiatus, she was back Sunday with a bold new display.... Allin, a resident artist at Studio-Current on Capitol Hill, said she wants her work to combine poetry with visual and performance art to broaden its appeal... Besides her Studio-Current gig, Allin runs a monthly poetry reading at Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center. Day to day, she works in a Ballard boatyard to pay the bills.

See below for a description of Mimi's last event at the PNA. Untitled [Intersection] was conceived as a live art series, designed to strengthen the Seattle arts community by cross-fertilizing, fostering dialog between genres and bringing fresh talent to the fore. On the 4th Friday of every month, between 7-9 pm, Untitled [Intersection] showcases experimental performance art and exceptional poetry.

Seattle P-I - Sunday, July 6, 2008
State and local governments side with builders on runoff pollution
.... Those methods ["low impact" techniques] slurp up rainwater that, in traditional developments, carries away pesticides, fertilizer, oil, dog poop and the other residues of our daily lives, dumping them in a nearby stream or bay. We know how to stop this so-called stormwater pollution: development that mimics natural conditions, with big swaths of greenery to soak up rainwater. This building method minimizes hard surfaces such as rooftops and asphalt, replacing them if possible with plant-covered roofs, porous pavement and other techniques that soak up the rain.

Of course you know the PNA's Well Home Program features many classes in sustainable building and living.

And finally, this one isn't specifically local but did you think all that run off went some place else?

The Christian Science Monitor - June 27, 2008 edition
A holistic approach to saving the sea
Scientists recognize that species cannot be managed in isolation; management must be based ecosystem-wide – including earth and sky.

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