Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Matt Babcock, Sculptor

Krill, kinetic sculpture by Matt Babcock, 2013, Edmonds, WA.

Matt Babcock is a sculptor who lives and works in Seattle. Matt’s goal is to create “complex and changing impressions using simple materials and methods.” He claims inspiration from his love of nature and interest in how things work, and says, “Often I start by trying to distill something interesting from the structure or behavior of an animal or plant.” His goal and inspiration are evident in the piece called Equestrian that he recently installed near the Phinney Neighborhood Center.

Matt has thought of himself as an artist from day one. “I have pursued art as long as I can remember, some times more actively than others. Matt has been creating art as his day job since 2008, and says, “I feel fortunate that my day to day life revolves around art.” If only we could all be so lucky!


When asked about his very first sculpture and the meaning behind it, Matt said, “When I was five my dad set me up with my own workbench and tools. I spent countless hours making things, things that I thought of as functional, even though the function was usually mysterious or imaginary. I’m still making things like that, only bigger. I didn’t think to call them sculptures when I was five, but I do now. For me the meaning is the function or action of the piece, whether or not I can say exactly what the piece is supposed to do.”


It takes Matt a long time to complete a piece. He says that “many spontaneous moments of inspiration get rolled into the process,” but overall he is inclined to be thorough and methodical. Equestrian represents about a month’s worth of full-time work, from design through installation.  


Matt is clearly a dedicated, passionate artist. What words does he have for aspiring artists? “Find the things that make you feel like you’ve been picked up and rung like a bell. Then try to make stuff like that.”


Equestrian will be at the Heart of Phinney Park at N 67th St. on the west side of the Greenwood Ave. N until the end of November. You can see more of his work on his website, www.mattbabcock.com, or get in touch with him via email at sculpture@mattbabcock.com.

Written by: Jennifer Roberts

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