Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The "challenge" of the Living Building and Site Challenges

Bill Fenimore, PNA Director of Facilities, talks about ongoing renovation work

Work continues this week on the Brick Building slate roof rehab. The original slates that were in good shape are being re-installed on the west side facing the campus, while the new slates purchased to replace damaged ones will me mixed-in with the originals when they are re-installed on the east side later, which lessens the visual difference. Also, the metal flashing and vents were removed, sand-blasted and powder-coated with a colored coating to match the roof, and when re-installed should both look good and be impervious to rust. This "antique" slate roof is really a long-term investment, and will pay-off handsomely over the next... hundred years at least! Not to mention its fire resistance. Sustainability is an old-fashioned concept, it turns out. (Read more about slate at Stories In Stone.)

The other current challenge involves new lighting for the Community Hall in the basement of the brick building. This project was in the works from some time before the Living Building Challenge was taken-on. The good news is that rather than going with less efficient technology of a year ago, Bill's found new LED lights that will greatly reduce energy consumption, and are a pleasing color too.

Bill's email address is: bill@phinneycenter.org

Stay tuned as we continue to keep you updated on the ongoing "nuts and bolts" of the PNA renovation! And thanks to all the contributors to the Capital Campaign for making it possible!

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