Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Mystery Week, Do the Gumshoe!

Here it comes folks, Phinney/Greenwood's best new tradition.
It's Mystery Week! August 7-16 (Like all the best weeks, it has two weekends!)

Sleuth out all the great mystery games and prizes at

5k Gumshoe Sleuth Walk
Minigumshoe: scavenger clue-hunt in local businesses
Eatsy Street: neighborhood picture puzzler
Video Contest: What's so mysterious about Phinney Greenwood?

I'll be at the Mystery Book Exchage at the Phinney Center on Saturday (10am to 1pm) swapping my old mystery books for 'new' ones.

After that, it's a mystery where in Phinney/Greenwood I'll be next.

See you in the street!


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