Friday, June 19, 2009

PNA Facebook Group

The PNA's Facebook group has grown phenomenally this week. We went from 150 to 188 (last time I looked) members in the last week! That's the most growth the group has had in a week EVER!

Wouldn't it be way-cool (as we used to say in the olden days) to break the 200 member mark this weekend.

Perhaps you didn't know the PNA even HAD a FB group. As one of our new FB group members wrote on the "wall": "I had no idea that the PNA is SOOOO hip to even be here on FB!!!! :) LOVE it!"

So, hey, if you're already on FB, consider joining the PNA group like, right now, that way you can keep up with all the goings on around here and even share information with other PNA Facebookers!

If you're not a member of FB or the PNA.... well what can I say?

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