Saturday, May 9, 2009

Walking the Artwalk

My weather request fulfilled, I set out with my big black lab, to check out the Greenwood/Phinney Artwalk. Nearing Greenwood, I glimpsed the line out the door at Makeda coffee, and felt a volt of pleasure knowing this Artwalk was sure to be well attended. I picked up my map, shocked to see so MANY venues and headed south on Greenwood. The next stop showcased performing art as well as visual art, with mimes doing dance at SPACE A Design Collective. At Metropolis, the crowd gathered around an artist at work. Her original artwork makes an appearance on beautiful cards carried at the store. The high quality of art available to view at the many merchants along Greenwood testifies to the depth of the art community in our area. There were just too many individual artists to mention, all producing amazing work.

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