Monday, January 5, 2009

PNA Arts Spotlight

The PNA is fortunate to count a teaching artist among its staff. Jeanne Dodds, a working artist, focuses her own art on scientific illustration. However, she also has a passion for teaching and has been an artist-in residence for many local area schools. At the PNA, Jeanne has taken on the roll as Arts Coordinator and looks forward to sharing her excitement about the Arts with the community.

One way community members can get involved is to join the Arts Committee, which meets a few times a year. Currently there are five to ten active committee members who gather in June to select a years worth of art to be shown in the PNA gallery. Artists not currently associated with a commercial gallery are encouraged to submit a portfolio of their work that is then included in the pool from which committee members choose art to be displayed at the PNA.

Additional calls for art reflecting Earth Day, Dia de Los Muertos, and the Northwest Fine Arts Competition are announced by the PNA throughout the year.

Jeanne recognizes that the potential of the art gallery within the PNA has barely been tapped. First Friday evening openings occur monthly for gallery shows as well as fourth Friday evening celebrations highlighting performance art and the spoken word.

“I want to do more outreach relating to the exhibits,” enthuses Jeanne. She hopes to offer classes relating to the monthly exhibits for both children and adults. Her goal is to make art more accessible for the entire Phinney Community.

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