Thursday, May 19, 2011

It’s raining, it’s pouring… hooray!

If there’s one thing we have in Seattle, it’s rain. And lots of it. According to the National Weather Service ( we have had 21.4 inches of rain so far in 2011 (higher than the annual average from January-May, which is 17.43 inches). While we might appreciate that rain keeps our city’s plants and trees green and beautiful, most of us simply let the rain run down our gutters and into the street without giving it a second thought. Did you know that there is a way to capture that rain and use it to flush toilets, even do laundry? Could doing so result in lower water bills? An improved environment? Well, the PNA is offering an exciting, informative class to answer these questions, and many more.

On June 8th from 7-9pm join Michael Broili at the PNA as he leads the Rainwater Harvesting, Catchment & Management course. This course will offer in-depth discussion about rainwater harvesting systems, design and management strategies. Mike will discuss rainwater harvesting systems for flushing toilets and doing your laundry. The class includes a tour of the Phinney Neighborhood Center’s rainwater catchment system, used for flushing toilets. This course costs only $20 for PNA members, and $25 for the public. So call the PNA at 206.783.2244 to register, and don’t let the full benefits of another rainy day slip through your fingers!

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