Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Vendor is a familiar face to the PNA

Burton Hills Farm Joins Phinney Farmers Market

Long ago, in the fall of 1981, Collin Medeiros would often join his father (the then director and only PNA employee) for lunch at the newly opened Phinney Neighborhood Center. After lunch, young Collin would complete the remainder of his school day at a K-1 class located in Room 2 of the center. This June, Collin returns to the Phinney Center as a new vendor at the weekly Phinney Farmers Market.

Collin and Rebecca Medeiros and their family own and operate Burton Hill Farm, a raw milk dairy and farmstead on nearby Vashon Island. They have been selling their Grade “A” raw goat milk and goat cheese products on Vashon for several years through their farm stand, weekly farmers market and various island stores.

Collin and his family at the Farmers Market

This year they increased production enough to take on another market and have chosen the Phinney Farmers Market as their logical next step. “It’s a no brainer,” says Collin. “I know the community. Many of the people may remember me. And my parents have offered to help at the stand!”

Rebecca and Collin have dreamed of operating a goat dairy from the beginning of their relationship. In 2004, they sold their belongings and travelled with their infant son to Portugal as WWOOF-ers (Willing Workers on Organic Farmers) to live and work on a goat dairy.

It has taken several years to grow their herd, gain their Grade “A” certification and perfect their specialty cheeses. The season will begin with Burton Hill Farm Raw Goat Milk Feta. Aged four to eight months for a creamy and deeply rich but not overly salty flavor, their raw goat milk Feta dresses up any veggie, fruit, or pizza.

Also available will be their St. Benedict’s Blue cheese. Aged from two to four months, with a natural, rustic rind, this full-bodied raw goat milk blue cheese is earthy and sweet, an excellent companion for honey, jam, fruit, and wine.

And, you can always count on fresh Grade “A” raw goats’ milk and goat milk soaps.

Stop by, welcome Collin back to the community and take home some local flavor.