Friday, January 16, 2015

Get Connected at the 2015 PNA Home Design & Remodel Fair
The Connected Home: If Only Your House Could Talk

It wasn’t long ago that changing the TV channel without getting off the couch was considered a technological marvel.  Nowadays, with the advent of the connected home, that same appreciation probably applies to dimming your home’s lights from half way around the world.  At this year’s Home Fair, you’ll have an excellent chance to meet those who are leading these innovations forward and helping to create a whole new category of home improvement.
Representatives from Fusion 9 Design, Sundance Energy Services, SNUPI Technologies, and The SoDo Makerspace will take you on a guided tour of everything from water leak sensors and learning thermostats to self-watering plants.  Along the way, we wouldn’t be surprised if you begin to look at managing your home in a whole new light or even consider developing such gadgets yourself.

In addition to these new technologies, of course, the Home Fair will also continue to offer an entire day of presentations along with three whole floors filled with local contractors, architects, suppliers, designers, landscape professionals, non-profit groups, and permitting agencies.
So whether you’re looking to tap into some of the latest in home gadgetry or searching for a full community of trusted professionals, there’ll certainly be a number of ways for you to “get connected” on January 25th at the PNA Home Fair.

The PNA Home Fair will take place on Sunday, January 25th, 10am-4pm at PNA.  Get your 2-for-1 admission coupon here.