Friday, June 20, 2008

Talking Trash

Some PNA staff and community members are getting serious about waste reduction.

We want to send less to the landfill. We want to compost more. We want to recycle. The PNA has made the leap to weekly clean green pickup, which means we can compost all food scraps (meat and dairy too) not just veggies!

You can help.

Level one: When at the PNA, THINK about your garbage and where it should go. Can it compost? Can it be recycled? Does it need to go to the landfill? If you don't see the right place to dispose of it, ASK!

Level two: A team is forming to help improve composting and recycling options at the PNA. We are looking at the current systems and designing improvements that will make it easy for everyone who comes to the PNA to sort and dispose of things properly. New bins, clear signs, new waste vendors and programs, maybe even worm bins on site! If you want to be a part of this committee, contact

For instance, did you notice that most waste produced at the Phinney Farmer's Market is compostable? ALL of the food scraps (plate scrapings including meat, cherry pits, carrot tops, etc) paper plates, and napkins, should go in the compost bin. Pizza boxes are compostable if they are greasy, and recycleable if they are clean! They get stacked next to the bins.

Anything recyclable at home can go in the recycle bin here, too.

Really, if we get it right, just about the only things in the landfill-bound trash can should be plastic utensils, plastic lids, and drinking straws, (and if you must--disposable diapers and dog poop)! We may even get our vendors to switch to compostable utensils and cups, so keep your eye out for that!

Help us out, if you see something in the wrong bin, be a good neighbor and sort it out!

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