Monday, June 2, 2008

Howdy neighbors!

Welcome to the PNA Blog! This is my first posting and actually my first blog entry anywhere ever! Please pardon my neophyte enthusiasm and my technical fumbles as I figure out how this works.

I hear Stu has been talking about me already, so I can’t get away without posting a few photos in my next post after I introduce myself in this one.

I am a PNA spouse and uber-volunteer (I ask the rest of you staff-spouses--how can you NOT be and keep a happy marriage?) I have a particular fondness for several PNA programs and events.

Today’s Top Ten: (! at the risk of sounding like Ericka Newman! )

  • Farmer’s Market!
  • Day of the Dead!
  • Community Fruit Tree Harvest!
  • Mystery Book Exchange!
  • Gumshoe Walk and Mystery Week!
  • Greenwood Garage Sale Day!
  • PNA Auction!
  • Shop Talk!
  • Anything related to sustainability or neighborhood gatherings and gathering spaces!

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