Friday, May 30, 2008

Seattle Bound

I came across this blog recently written by a young woman who is moving to our neighborhood from "back East". Those of us here who read her blog felt that Katey's exuberance was infecting and her fresh view point enabled us to take a new view of some things that may seem to have become ordinary or second-nature.

Reproduced below (with Katey's permission) is her first entry about Seattle. You can visit her blog here.

Seattle Bound

So as of 1pm yesterday (west coast time), I am a resident of Washington state.

I now live in the neighborhood community of Phinney Ridge, on 61st street. Well, as of June 1st. But my new landlord was nice enough to give me the key now, anyway. 

Basically what I've discovered is that there are many little "neighborhoods" surrounding Seattle, each with their own character and main street of shops/bars/etc. to explore. You will see from the photos that the neighborhood I'm in is very residential; if you go down the hill about 4 or 5 blocks, you get to this great lake with a huge park around it; if you go up the hill 2 blocks you get to the main street and the bus stop. (10 minutes to downtown and my office!) You wouldn't know that you were only a spit away from downtown. Lucky for me, my dad's friend's cousin lives in Seattle and is a real estate agent, so she was nice enough to drive us around all day and show us the neighborhoods and talk about each one. ALSO luckily, we have had 4 straight days of bright sunshine.

So for now, I have some photos listed on my website. I started a new file for Exploring Seattle, since I am about to be spending all my spare time finding out all the cool stuff there is to do and see in Seattle. Not to be confused with the me & Nate going to Seattle gallery under the 'Notes from the Road' section. You can find all this and more at

I will let everyone know when I am settled and ready to throw a shindig. Of course the 2700 mile commute is a little rough, but we'll figure something out. 

By the way, I did see Kurt Cobain's house, but neglected to sit on his bench and muse about old times. 

I will update more when I can on the trip and all the stuff I'm already finding out about my new town- which I have officially fallen in love with. *sigh*

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