Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Governments often map the crime and violence that goes on around us but there are other powerful stories here too, the stories of compassionate action, safety and well-being.  PNA is proud to announce that it has recently become a community partner in Honoring Beloved Community, a city wide effort to honor these actions and compassionate places, to acknowledge and thank the people who make them possible by introducing a sort of compassion mapping.  
Through this effort, neighbors will have a chance to share stories of places in their neighborhoods where they feel welcome, accepted, and safe.  As neighbors submit their stories online through the Beloved Community website, these stories will build to form an interactive compassion map, allowing everyone to fully view the compassionate action and goodness that's happening every day in our neighborhoods.
Beyond just helping with promotion, PNA will also have small recognition cards available at the front desk in both English and Spanish for neighbors to pick up and then present to the people and places they feel have done their part in creating a compassionate, beloved community. 
For more details and to submit your own story of local compassion, please visit: http://compassionateseattlehome.org/beloved  

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