Thursday, January 15, 2015

Get Connected at the 2015 PNA Home Design & Remodel Fair
The Connected Community:  A Whole Neighborhood Under One Roof
In her five years of attending the PNA Home Fair, Rebecca West has certainly gotten to know a lot of neighbors.  Though many of those conversations have resulted in projects for her company, Rebecca West Interiors, it isn’t just the great business results that keep her coming back.

Like so many others who take part in the Home Fair, Rebecca has always been drawn to the great people she inevitably meets throughout the day.  “The clients I’ve met through the Home Fair are so wonderful,” she says, “that they make the jobs themselves a pleasure.”
Eddie Uehara and Michael Smukler had been coming to the Home Fair since 1998 and had been stuck for years on how to redecorate their home.  After asking Rebecca for a little help last year, though, the project came to life quickly. Michael chalked up the success not only to Rebecca’s expertise, but to the local focus of the Home Fair as well.  “People are there to offer help with the kinds of problems that are pertinent to the homeowners in this neighborhood,” he said.

Another of Rebecca’s clients, Cathy Swift, echoed those same sentiments. “A lot of the other home fairs have so much that I can get overwhelmed and paralyzed,” Cathy said.  “The PNA Home Fair felt like it was digestible.  And I loved the fact that Rebecca was just down the street and a part of the community.”  Not surprisingly, the fateful connection soon resulted in a beautiful bathroom renovation that Cathy had been dreaming about for years. She finally found it simply by striking up a friendly conversation with one of her neighbors at the annual PNA Home Fair.
Cathy Swift's bathroom dream realized: before & after
The PNA Home Fair will take place on Sunday, January 25th, 10am-4pm at PNA.  Get your 2-for-1 admission coupon here.

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