Friday, March 23, 2012

More about Hunger

This will be my last post for Hunger Action Week. Yesterday I attended the Food Lifeline Partner Conference along with Michael Gregory, our Hot Meal Program Coordinator. Along with United Way Hunger Action Form I participated in last week, I feel like I have really learned a lot. I wanted to share some of the information and links that I gathered.

Did you know that Washington is the 13th "hungriest" state in the country? Food insecurity is not an abstract concept for many of our neighbors. In the past year food banks and meal programs have recorded a 30% increase in the number of senior adults seeking food assistance. As the population ages and the economy shrinks, this is one of the most sobering effects.

Visit Food Lifeline for lots of great information, including tangible ways to help. Advocacy is a great means of getting involved and they have current info on state and federal budget measures under consideration. A few emails or phone calls to your elected officials can make a big difference. Take a look at the hunger map and check out The Big Waste, chronicling some basic problems with our food industry.

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