Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mini-B Tour Schedule

Since a great article in the Seattle Times, we’ve received lots of requests to see the Mini-B, and we have to clean the windows regularly because so many people are trying to take a peak. If you missed the event on Saturday (what an event! Over 200 people came), here’s your next chances to get inside.

1/22: PNA Annual Meeting: Members Only! Come see the Mini-B after the pancake breakfast and annual meeting.
1/25: Public Tour 4pm
1/30: Home Design and Remodel Fair: Open 10am-4pm. Architect Joe Giampietro will present on Passive House Design.
2/1: Public Tour 1pm
2/8: Public Tour 4pm
2/13: Open House
2/22: Public Tour 1pm
2/27: Open House
3/13: Open House
3/27: Open House
4/10: Open House
5/1: Open House
5/15: Open House

*Open Houses: Visit the house anytime between 1pm-4pm to see the house and talk with a Passive House expert.
*Public Tours: Check-in at reception in the Blue Building at the time of the tour.

If you know a student or professional group that would like a private tour, please contact:
Jill Eikenhorst

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