Thursday, October 21, 2010

Support Non-Profits At The Local Giving Fair

The Greenwood Senior Center will host the 2010 Annual Local Giving Fair on Saturday, November 13, from 10am-4pm. The GSC is located at 525 N. 85th St.

Join us for this exciting and important pre-holiday community celebration! The Greenwood Senior Center is happy to hold the 2010 Local Giving Fair on November 13, from 10am-4pm, where over 25 Greenwood and Seattle-based non-profit organizations will showcase projects that address a range of social justice, environmental, and human rights issues within our community. At the Local Giving Fair, attendees have the opportunity to make donations in support of these community projects and learn about other ways to become involved with the organization. Gift Cards are included to let your family and friends know that you made a donation in their honor.

The Local Giving Fair is a festive and family-friendly event where people can chat with neighbors, enjoy delicious treats and refreshments, and listen to local musicians perform. Everyone is welcome. Come celebrate the true nature of the holidays and support Seattle together.

Please visit the Greenwood Senior Center’s website for more information and a list of participating organizations:

Questions? Contact Emily at the Greenwood Senior Center: (206)297-0875 /

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