Thursday, August 6, 2009

Post-Penguin Parade Auction

After gracing the streets of Seattle, the penguins will end their march as they migrate to the gallery at the Greenwood Collective 8537 Greenwood Ave N, Suite 1, for a silent auction on August 14. All decorated penguins, and many of the artists who created them, will gather in one space to be admired during the Greenwood Art Walk. All proceeds from the sale of the penguins wil benefit Woodland Park Zoo’s field conservation program. Woodland Park Zoo supports 38 wildlife conservation projects in 50 countries worldwide, including the Humboldt Penguin Conservation Center at Punta San Juan.
This auction is free and open to the public.
Attendees bidding a minimumm of $1000 have the opportunity to become immortalized on an anchovy marker at the new penguin exhibit at the zoo. Generous auction winners who bid a minimum of $1,000 for wildlife conservation will also receive their name (or that of a family, friend or loved one) etched onto an ornamental anchovy, inspired by the favorite food of the Humboldt penguin. These etched anchovies will be embedded into a shoal of schooling fish at the new west entry plaza near the penguin exhibit. The west entry is set to open in 2010.
For details on this event, contact Julie Law / The Greenwood Collective / 206-913-2835 /

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