Thursday, June 18, 2009

Foreign Student Host Families Needed

Brian Crawford, the Washington Programs Coordinator with ANDEO - International Homestays, sent me this email which I want to share in its entirety with you. Perhaps some of us can help solve this situation.

I’m emailing because I’m hoping that you might know people in or around Seattle who would like to have the same fun you will be having this summer! We are in need of 8 more host families to host Spanish boys from June 29th – July 27th! This could be a fun experience for your family and theirs to host at the same time! If you have anyone that you could forward this email on to, that would be wonderful! I’ve included a little more information about the program below:

The boys are between 14-17 years old and they are mostly from the North and South of Spain! They enjoy everything from sports to musical instruments to skateboarding and skiing! They have been studying English for at least 4-5 years so they are able to easily communicate with you! They are traveling to the US to improve their language skills, but also to learn about American culture! Your student would be treated as another family member; doing chores, biking around the neighborhood, going to summer camp, participating in family vacations or meeting friends – all of which helps them to get a sense of what it’s like to live in the US.

We match families with students based on age, gender, nationality, and shared interests. So if your family goes hiking on the weekends we’d match you with a student who loves hiking too! The students put together an extensive dossier, which your family would be able to see before you decide if you would like to host him. We ask that host families provide 3 meals a day for your student. The teens are covered by health insurance and bring their own spending money and are prepared to pay their own way for things such as movies and museum entrances. The students can share a bedroom as long as they have their own bed and are sharing with someone who is similar age and the same gender.

If you would like more information, please feel free to give me a call at 206-455-0022! You can also find more information, or apply to host, at our website

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