Monday, January 26, 2009

PNA Facebook Group Forming

If you're on Facebook, take a look at the new Phinney Neighborhood Association group. You don't even need to be a PNA member to join! Today you even get to see a Sneak Preview of the February Membership Newsletter that will go out to members only by snailmail and email in the next day or two.

As a matter of fact Judith Wood, PNA Volunteer Coordinator, just gave me this interesting tidbit to add to the electronic version of the newsletter:

"In 2008 the PNA recorded a total of 25,725 hours given by 1,067 volunteers."

This is truly amazing! Thanks to all involved!

Blatant pitch for email newsletter signups: The above detail about the volunteers, and some other items are not in the paper version because there just isn't room. If you STILL get the old-fashioned, tree killing, version (on paper) of the the newsletter PLEASE consider SWITCHING TO THE EMAIL VERSION ASAP! It also saves us lots of money which can be put to better use in these difficult times. To make the switch email!

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