Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Giving Tree

With all the talk and angst about economic downturn, the Phinney Neighbors in Action Giving Tree seems more important than ever this year. It’s my job to coordinate with the agencies that provide close to 400 names and gift requests for this project. The need is always great, but that’s not what overwhelms me – it’s the amazing generosity of folks in our community. Every year children and adults choose tags from the tree and return with beautifully-wrapped presents that they have carefully chosen. It’s clear to me there is just as much joy in the giving as there will be in the receiving of these gifts. You may notice that there are plenty of requests for Fred Meyer of Target gift cards on the tree. We realize these may not be as interesting to purchase, but put yourself in the shoes of a teenager or adult. Wouldn’t you rather have the chance to shop for a gift of your own choosing – in a size, color, or style that you know will be a good fit? An added bonus is that you can purchase gift cards directly from the PNA receptionist, with a portion of the proceeds going to support the preschool co-op. Giving Trees are located at the Phinney Neighborhood Center and Greenwood Senior Center for your convenience. You’ve got until December 13 to fulfill a wish for someone in our community – won’t you help?

- Judith Wood, PNA Director of Volunteer Programs

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  1. As of this morning, there are fewer than 10 gift requests remaining on the Phinney Neighborhood Center Giving Tree and most of them are for teenagers. There are still close to 40 tags at the Greenwood Senior Center and some of these are for younger kids. Please help us make sure everyone gets a gift! The Senior Center is open 9-5 weekdays, but you can come to the PNC anytime from 9 am to 10 pm. Let's clean up those last few requests!

  2. I moved some gift tags from the Senior Center to the Phinney Center, so there are more choices again. The people who take the last few tags are REALLY appreciated! Can you be one of Santa's elves?