Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Search of Donuts

Where do you go to get a good donut around here?

I don't mean those Crispy Creamy ones, the poodle dog of donuts. Where are the Golden Retrievers of donuts? You know, the perfect donut: good with kids and grown-ups love them too.

The sizzling hot apple fritters covered with warm glaze that melt in your mouth amid small chunks of tasty apples… the buttermilk cake donuts lightly crisp on the outside and safe and warm inside done to the perfect consistency that allows a sip of hot coffee to combine with a bite of donut into a mouthful of morning magic…

Where do you go in or around Greenwood/Phinney for the best donuts ever?

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  1. Amen. Unfortunately I'm not a fan of Crispy Cream, Top Pot, or the nearby little places like the one on 15th NW and (about) 75th.

    Larsen's in Ballard (80th and 24th, or thereabout) has some good doughnutish pastries. Their filled donuts are especially tasty. Then again, you could just get their marzipan or kringle or such, since they're not really a doughnut shop.

    But for a quality cake-style doughnut, I can't think of a good place any closer than Borracchini's, way over on Rainier. And, yeah, they're not really a doughnut place, either.

  2. Sadly, there are no donut shops in the Greenwood/Phinney area. But if you go up to Northgate, on the corner of Northgate Way and Meridian, there's Family Donut. They have a great selection, the donuts are fantastic, and the place is totally unpretentious. It's everything a donut shop should be, and then some. Go there and be amazed.

  3. Is Mighty-O still making donuts across Greenlake in Tangletown (55th & Meridian, I think)? Personally I like Top Pot because they make an Applesauce cake donut that is very similar to the one Frederick & Nelson's used to sell when I was but a lad.