Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where to eat during your lunch break

Ok, i usually take my lunch break around 1 or 2pm. I'm just crazy like, it's to kinda avoid the rushhour folks, though at Red Mill, a lot of people seem to share my idea of eating lunch at 2pm.

Anyway, here's a list of local places that i go to if i eat out for lunch:

Red Mill Burgers--double bacon deluxe w/ an oreo shake...*drool* Surprising, i love their fries. I know their onion rings are supreme (according to GQ, that is), but i love their fries. I'm planning to go there later on this week.

El Chupacabra--tasty tasty Mexican food, reasonably priced. I had the torta. and the guac dip. NICE

Fresh Flours--I LOVE their selection of baked goods. I especially love their fruit galettes (esp. w/ raspberries). However, their hot chocolate is ehhh, and that's why you should go to...

Chocolati Cafe--best hot chocolate, hands down, especially

Mr. Gyros--cheap and delicious gyros. the greek fries (feta cheese and spices?) is nice and the customer service is warm, casual, and down-home.

Mae's Cafe--i forgot what it was called, but they have this chile/hashbrowns/omelette topped with cheese and ground beef. *drool* best place to go for heavy breakfasts

Ken's Market--I like their deli sandwiches.

Phinney Ridge was mentioned in this week's issue of Seattle Weekly in the Food & Drink section. Specifically, they were reviewing Ed's Kort Haus, which is roughly a block away from the Phinney Center. I never ate there, but i'm curious now, considering Ed serves "exotic meat" burgers...we'll see, check out the link below:

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  1. How about Pete's Eggnest and Olive You and Gordito's and Kalia? YUM!!

  2. How about Gorgeous George's Mediterranean Kitchen? Right next to Pete's and twice as good!

  3. I've had some spectacular items at Gorgeous George's... the whole roast chicken and the fried cauliflower to name two. On the other hand his "soup" made from canned peas was NOT to write home about. Two out of three ain't bad Georgie boy!

    As for Pete's... he never misses! Always breakfast like mother used to make!

  4. Gorgeous George's is to die for!